Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ivybridge Knit and Natter

Ivybridge Knitting group meets Thursdays 3pm - 5pm
in the Library
Knit and Natter with the Nattering Knits
is friendly and free and we have excellent coffee
served by the coffee shop.

The Watermark 
Erme Court,
Leonards Road,
Ivybridge nr Plymouth,
South Devon PL21 0SZ

01752 892220
Some of the photos taken of the group were sadly was deleted from the person's camera 
before it was distributed. Here's some others.

Do you go to a local knitting group?


Stephanie V said...

I think I'd rather have an excuse to visit Devon :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Sounds lovely! We've got a MontrealKnits Yahoo group that meets a few times a month. It's great to hang out with fellow knitters!

Madeleine Sara said...

LOL! Stephanie, well you're welcome to come along.
That's great Deniz, glad you get a chance to meet up.