Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What do you use?

Today I have been knitting and listening to Christmas Music. Bliss!

I spend a lot of time trying to find the best container for my accessories like scissors, needles, row counters, place markers e.t.c.

While I like my transparent zip bag, 
it still all seems messy and unsatisfactory and I thought:

What do you use?

Why not join in my blog hop to share pictures of your needle cases/ notions bag. 
You can add your name to the linky and post any time between now and Christmas. We look forward to seeing what you use. Please tell your friends about this blogfest and use the badge in your sidebar. Thanks


Deniz Bevan said...

Uh oh, I'm no help - I use a clear plastic case too!
Great idea for a blog hop.

Mereknits said...

Maddy, I am afraid I am no fun, I have several clear cases and I love them all. love your blog, thanks for stopping by to visit mine.

47 said...

I keep everything in a drawer, trust me it's messier!

Madeleine Sara said...

LOL! Thanks everyone. I'd still love to see them. I bet they are way tidier than mine.

Faeryfay said...

I love your idea of a clear pencil case. I use a variety of boxes, but can never find anything!

Stephanie V said...

What would we do without zip-plastic bags? I'm finally posting on this today.

Madeleine Sara said...

Thank you Faeryfay

Excellent Stephanie :O)

Lori ann said...

hi madeleine,
i've just found you through the yarn along, and love this idea of sharing organization! i have made a post on this too. i'm looking forward to checking out the other posts! thank you for sharing!

x lori