Friday, 30 December 2011

Stitch Markers

Happy New Year
to all my subscribers and visitors

I just wondered, what do you use?

I use these ones and they often come off the project without permission, which is frustrating.


Stephanie V said...

I always use the thin solid circles that come oodles in a pack and are usually red and blue. They're cheap, come in different sizes and aren't thick enough to interfere with my knitting stitches.

I have exactly one like yours. I think I found it in an inherited stash. Every now and then I need a split one that I can stick on temporarily. I agree, they usually fall off.

Lynne said...

Hello! I use those markers too, but agree that they can fall off, especially on a circular cable needle.

I got a great idea from a knitting forum to use really small hair elastics - the kind for a tiny plait. I got a box with hundreds in it for a couple of pounds in Sally's Salon Services. The only trouble is that because they're rubbery, they tend to stick to the needles a bit. But it doesn't matter if they get lost, because there are loads more in the box!

Madeleine Sara said...

Wow thanks for the tips ladies.
Happy New Year.