Monday, 19 December 2011

Almost complete

Hoorah! I finished knitting my Owl jumper just using Rowan Cocoon.  All I need now is to find 38 small buttons for the owl eyes.

You can see the pattern details on my Ravelry page here.

I confess I am chuffed to bits because I was worried it wouldn't fit me. AND hubby was so impressed he gushed!!!
Before I completed the cable neck section a naughty little kitty got into my knitting bag and undid the stitches, so I had to unpick and re-do some of it, but he's so adorable I couldn't be cross with him for long.

What am I  currently knitting/reading?  Yarn Along 
As the pattern is for teenagers called Teagan by Rowan using their Kid silk mohair yarn. Either I will have to modify the pattern sizing or use a different pattern.


Lynne said...

What is it with cats and knitting?! Don't they realise we really don't need their help!!

Your jumper is fantastic! Good luck with sewing on all the buttons. I made Owling fingerless mittens for my sister for christmas, and I nearly lost the will to live on Saturday sewing on all the woolly eyes!

Stephanie V said...

Love it! I''m not envying you the button sewing, though.

Once, when my son was quite young, he 'helped' by taking the scissors and cutting a slice through something I was knitting. You have a very cute 'helper'.

SueH said...

Love that jumper! Again, I don't envy the sewing on of all those buttons!
As for the feline 'helper' - you gotta love 'em! ;-)

Madeleine Sara said...

LOL! Thank you everyone

I have sewn on all the buttons now. Phew!

Yes I cannot be cross with my adorable little helper for long. :O)

debby emadian said...

Must be fun joining a knitting group Madeleine...

...your cat is so's amazing you managed to make such an amazing job of the jumper with his distractions...

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Deniz Bevan said...

Oh that's gorgeous! Love the kitty in the bag, too. Can never be cross at cats :-)