Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sudoku Throw

My own design. Instead of numbers I used colours and textures to create the puzzle grid. This one meant I could do small knitting projects that created a larger project and for each pattern I got to practice it 9 times for the nine squares, which helped me get back into the rythym of knitting. Then I crocheted the grid between the blocks.

Do you like Sudoku puzzles?

It occurred to me that seeing the squares as colours rather than numbers might make it easier to solve...

I'm now making one in crochet squares with the remaining wool.


Stephanie V said...

Clever idea - I like the colors. I did spend some time trying to see if the colored squares would help me. Sorry to have to answer: no.

Sudoku isn't the kind of game I enjoy. I'm a crossword puzzle gal...give me words not numbers. However, that doesn't make a pretty throw.

Madeleine Sara said...

Thanks Stephanie. I'm not great at Sudoku either, but the puzzle in colours is fun to do especially if you already have the answers! LOL!