Monday, 18 July 2011

Why would anyone want to knit a cake ?

Why would anyone want to knit a cake?  You may well ask.

I knitted the 2 doughnuts and the chocolate gateau slice. Honestly I yearned for a piece of chocolate cake while I was knitting that one!

What I learned was that
  • it was great knitting practice for using dpns (double pointed needles)
  • following the pattern instructions was a great learning experience
  • The cakes would make great toys for a children's Wendy house.

    I also knitted a Rooster cosy like the one in this picture out of a single hank of Colinette wool.

Have you knitted food or would you regard it as a pointless exercise?

I visited a Café in St. Ives, Cornwall that had a display in their window. It looked great.


Clicky Needles said...

Sorry - a bit pointless for me, having said that I think that some knitted 'things' are amazing. I'm not the person to do it though!

Madeleine Sara said...

Ah yes not for everyone, I agree but fun/useful for some :O)

Stephanie V said...

I have made some pretty useless/pointless items according to some folks I know. But, like you, I find the challenge of learning to be enough reason to try something.

Actually, toys and small decorative objects are a perfect way to learn new techniques. They're small enough to knit up fairly quickly achieving a sense of accomplishment. You can practice the technique with different yarns and colors by making multiples without boredom setting in. It's not too expensive - you can even use remnants. Makes sense to me. Why not have fun while you learn?

Madeleine Sara said...

Very true Stephanie, I quite agree with you. :O)

Pooch said...

I have knitted and crocheted food for children to play with. Fun, cute, and quick!


Ria said...

My friend Grace ( on the side of my blog Lovin comfort knits is her blog) went through a year when everyone got a knit cupcake for their birthday.

I made my mom knit sushi one year for a gift ( you know how a lot of Japanese restaurants have that plastic food? I was teasing her)