Monday, 25 July 2011

Charity Knits

Have you knitted for charity?

Last Christmas my friend gave me a Knit a Pudsey Pack for BBC Children in Need.

While it didn't quite contain enough wool for the project, once I had acquired the right shade of yellow wool from elsewhere I made this cute little fellow.

I've Knitted Teddy for Tragedy with my knitting group. He's the furthest one at the back with the red jumper/sweater:

The Donkey Sanctuary has some donkey knit patterns to raise funds on their stall, though beware one of their patterns makes up a tiny donkey.

There's a website Knit for Charity with some ideas, too.

Tarragon, our 12yr old ginger princess, says: Knitting is exhausting!

Too many projects?


Stephanie V said...

Such a pretty cat. I love the ginger coloring.

A lot of my stash-busting knitting is going for charity. They like a lot of baby things, hats and scarves. It's the seniors who buy and this is most practical for them.

Madeleine Sara said...

Thanks Stephanie. I like the sound of the baby knitss, I guess they must use 4 ply yarns?

Stephanie V said...

Me again. Not always. Baby knits can be in almost any fiber and thickness now. I just finished cotton in a sport weight.